Proposal for IDEA2022 Congress accepted by IDEA General Council Meeting October 23.

The First session of the IDEA GCM 2020 accepted unanimously the proposal for an IDEA Congress. See more information in links below

Link to Congress Bid

Link to draft schedule

Link to Draft Budget

IDEA 2022

FLÍSS (Félag um Leiklist í skólastarfi), Icelandic drama/theatre and education association 

has offered to host the IDEA2022 Congress in Reykevik July 3-8 2022.

IDEA gratefully acknowledges this offer and looks forward to welcoming delegates in 2022. 

Watch this space for more news about IDEA 2022

IDEA2021 Digital Congress

More information on this event will be posted in 2021

The IDEA Congress in Beijing has been cancelled but IDEA is in the process of developing an IDEA 2021 Digital C congress. 

It will not be the same as a congress where we are all in one physical place. It will use the ZOOM platform (the platform we have been using for Webinars).

More information

IDEA 2020 Updated

The Coronavirus COVID-19 has some impact on lives, particularly in China. As a consequence, it has significant impact on planning and preparation for the IDEA2020 Congress in Beijing July 5-9. Over the last days and weeks, IDEA Elected Officers have been talking often with IDEC, the host of the congress and continue to do so. 

Above all, we do not lose sight of the human dimensions of what is unfolding about the Coronavirus.

To meet developments in the future, with generous spirit, positive energy and courage, IDEA is responding to this crisis by transforming our thinking and planning for 2020 and beyond. IDEA invites IDEC and the whole IDEA Community to respond to the following proposed actions in a spirit of celebrating resilience, adaptability and human focus in facing the challenges of fulfilling IDEA’s aims in these challenging times. 

As part of a wider strategy to strengthen engaging with drama/theatre educators and supporters IDEA will:

  1. Continue to build inclusive support for Drama Education in China showing solidarity and support for IDEC and drama educators
  2. Transform IDEA through building a stronger on-line presence
  3. Use technology to create and sustain three on-line/webinar events in 2020 as part of that transformational strategy
  4. Strengthen regional events and partner with already planned events, linking them to on-line identity and branding
  5. Advance the planning for an IDEA Congress in July 2022 in Reykjavík hosted by FLISS, IDEA’s member from Iceland.

Detailed planning will follow as soon as negotiations with IDEC, currently in progress, are completed.

A reminder about the importance of Congresses

  • A.         Aims and Purposes
  • Article 3
    The aims of IDEA will be: 

  • 1.           to provide an international forum for communicating about, promoting and advocating for drama/theatre and education in schools, communities and all fields of endeavour;
  • 2.           to support development of drama/theatre practice and theory as part of a full human education.
  • Article 4

    In meeting these aims, IDEA

  • 1.           represent and speak for drama/theatre and education internationally;
  • 2.           liaise and collaborate with other organisations working in fields relevant to education, the arts and culture and drama/theatre;
  • 3.           organise international congresses and conferences for drama/theatre and education focused on international themes;
  • 4.           initiate and support research about drama/theatre and education;
  • 5.           produce publications and circulate information about drama/theatre and education;
  • 6.           encourage the exchange of drama/theatre and education practitioners.

IDEA Congresses are core activities for IDEA.

1992 Oporto, Portugal

1995 Brisbane, Australia

1998 KIssumu, Kenya

2001 Bergen, Norway

2004 Ottawa, Canada

2007 Hong Kong SAR China

2010 Belém, Brazil

2013 Paris, France

2016/2017 Ankara Turkey was postponed then cancelled because of civil unrest

2020 Beijing China – has been impacted by the Coronavirus COVID-19

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