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Costa da Caparica, Portugal

IDEA Members Newsletter

Spring/Autumn 2021

IDEA President: Sanja Krsmanović Tasić

IDEA Administrator:

IDEA Director of Communications: Colleen Roche

International Drama/Theatre and Education Association

Associação Internacional de Teatro Educação

Association Internationale d’Art Dramatique/Théâtre et Éducation

Asociación Internacional de Drama/Teatro y Educación


This e-bulletin contains important news and updates about our work at the International Drama/Theatre Education Association, as well as our activities and invitations to IDEA events. 

Dear readers, dear colleagues, dear members and friends of IDEA,

I am both proud and humble to present the first Newsletter of IDEA in my mandate as President. It is a continuation of a long line of Newsletters created before, just as my presidency is a continuation of a long line of dedicated, strong, visionary leaders of IDEA whose shoes I will try to fill.

We are, as individuals, organizations, and communities, challenged more than ever with this global health situation and new reality, to which we try to adapt. I believe it is not by chance I have been elected to this position in this very moment, on our first ever online election, for I have a lifelong experience of sailing upon stormy seas, and succeeding in making meaningful work happen in difficult times in my country. In my presentation as IDEA President, as part of the World ASSITEJ Congress that was happening in a hybrid form for the first time, I mentioned three words as important and crucial: solidarity, support and resilience. The theme of the panel discussion was: "How Can International Organisations Work Together Creatively to Support Artists in Times of Crisis?" and some interesting proposals for joint actions came out of this meeting of leaders of ASSITEJ, ITI, ITEM, UNIMA and other organizations.

The IDEA Evora 25 years and GCM, photo by Wilber van der Post As a consolation and despite the times we live in, I believe IDEA is in a good place. We are looking upon and working on the realization of our World Congress that will take place in Iceland, in 2022.We are consolidating and exchanging our knowledge and experience through online activities. It is important for us to be heard and seen in our fight to gain and regain the rightful place of drama-theatre education, and all arts education in this new world towards which we are heading. To make everyone aware how much it is important to have art and arts education in the lives of all human beings, you will have the opportunity to read more in this newsletter and I do hope you will join us for all the activities we are organizing. We are just a click away!

Sanja Krsmanović Tasić

IDEA President

IDEA 25 years Celebration and GCM in Evora 2017, photo by Wilber van der Post


We would also like to thank the amazing individuals who have, for the previous mandate, contributed their time, expertise and wisdom to IDEA: Robin Pascoe, our now Past Immediate President, who brought us to this new age of online meetings and communication long before the Pandemic entered our lives, Sonya Baehr, who contributed so much, together with Robin, to the difficult task of re-registering IDEA, and bringing us to the solid ground we stand on, Marion Küster, whose wonderful Young IDEA initiatives and innovation continue to thrive, Peter Duffy, contributing with Research podcasts and wise ideas to our community, Richard Sallis, compiling the important source of the IDEA publication list, and Ólafur Guðmundsson, the former Vice President of the Accountancy Committee, who continues as our new Congress Director. Without their voluntary dedicated work we could never have overcome all the different challenges we have faced during the past years.

Some of the Elected Officers from the previous mandate have been re-elected, some have been elected to new positions, and we are thrilled to continue working with dear colleagues, Liliana Galván, Joachim Reiss, Alexandra Espiridião, Tom Willems, Tomas Leijin, Nefeli Angeligou, Dagmar Höfferer, Kristin Runde, and welcome with wide open arms our new elected officers Beth Murray, Zeki Ozen, Colleen Roche, Kathrin Goosses, Àsa Ragnarsdòttir, Patrick Ogutu, Christine Hatton and Arnold Koledji.

A very special thank you to the devoted IDEA Administrator Sónia Correia, who has been with us since 2017, and a hearty welcome to our new Administrator Sanja Petkovska, whose working name will be Asanja, so as not to confuse her with Sanja K. Tasic.

We want to thank them and all of you for your love for IDEA and our field of drama/theatre education.



On the GCM that was held in Lima, Perú, in 2019, it has been decided that there should be an assigned transitional period of the previous and newly elected Board of IDEA, who would work together, to make the passing of duties as smooth as possible.

There were two Transitional Meetings held in January and February, with both Robin Pascoe and Sanja K. Tasić, the past and present Presidents, chairing the meetings.

Since March 1st the new Board of Elected Officers has started its mandate, meeting on regular monthly bases via ZOOM.

Several Working groups have been formed, that have their independent meetings, and report about their activities during the EO meetings.

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These groups are: Webinars and Forums Working group, Communications Working group, AC and Finances Working group, 2020 GCM Evaluation Working group, Makarere Solidarity Support Working Group and others.

If any of the members should like to join these groups and contribute to the work of our Association, please write to the IDEA administrator on:


World Mapping of Policies, Politics and Drama/Theatre Education

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(All webinar posters designed by Anastasia Tasić)

The 2021 IDEA Webinars Where Do We Stand? have been initiated and moderated by IDEA Elected Officer/Treasurer Joachim Reiss and IDEA President Sanja Krsmanović Tasić out of the wish to showcase different situations, case studies (including success and failure stories), tactics and strategies of organizations and groups, members of IDEA, dedicated to drama/theatre education in different regions of the world.

We are together working on our common political goal of drama/theatre education for all in schools and communities. We need to get inspired and learn how to activate and reactivate programs (in schools and online) and empower our community to address cultures of policies and politics, influencing the decision makers about the situation of drama/theatre in our countries.

A picture containing timeline Description automatically generatedUp to now three Webinars covering the regions of Asia and Oceania, The Americas, Europe and the Middle East have taken place, with the help and technical assistance of IDEA Vice President Liliana Galván and Jugoslav Hadžić from Hleb Teatar.

Session 4 of showcasing the work and events of 2021 in Africa will take place on the 24th of April at 1 pm (13 h UTC).

You can find the registration form and your local world time here.

You can read a detailed report of these first three Webinar of our Director of Communications Colleen Roche here.


Text Description automatically generated with medium confidenceProf. Dr. Mercy Mirembe Ntangaare from Makarere University Kampala/ Uganda, and Prof. Marion Küster from HMT Rostock/ Germany have launched a webinar series, "African Theatre", from the beginning of the year 2021. African Theatre will take place once a month, on every third Wednesday, and will present traditional, as well as modern theater forms, and projects of arts education from different African countries. The aim of this series of Webinars, which is an IDEA project, is to provide a global insight into the African continent's diverse theater arts, as well as to draw attention to the rich activities in the field of arts education and to invite discussion about them. Furthermore, with the webinar series, we aim to activate further cooperation in the field of theater and education, on the one hand within the African continent, and on the other hand, to deepen an international exchange.

The session in February was dedicated to Uganda, the March session to Togo, and the upcoming April session is dedicated to Kenya.

You can join the African Theatre Webinar through this link:

Thema: "African- Theatre Webinar Series" Session 3 - Kenya

Uhrzeit: 21. Apr. 2021 04:45 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rom, Stockholm, Wien

Zoom-Meeting link:


About Courage in Everyday Routine! 

A collage of a person Description automatically generated with low confidence“Drama / Theatre in Education _ Regional Conference 2021", organized by IDEA AUSTRIA, connected people from all over the world in an online conference on the 26th and 27th of March. People from Europe, the USA and Africa explored the possibilities of drama / theatre education through digital channels and realized the value of direct contact between humans.

The trainings took place in cooperation with national and international associations of non-professional theatre. The participants succeeded in creating and shaping performances in spite of their physical distance.They gained new insights from the research results presented e.g. by Patrice Baldwin, Peter Duffy, Richard Finch and Adam Bethlenfalvy. There are many ways to engage in a joyful theatrical exchange. In April 2022 IDEA AUSTRIA will host a face-to-face-Conference.

NEWS about World Alliance for Arts Education WAAE

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A meeting of the WAAE Executive Forum took place in March, with both Robin Pascoe, as the Chair of WAAE Forum (until May 2021) and Sanja K. Tasić representing IDEA.

International Arts Education Week 2021 will take place from May 24-30, 2021. The Ring the Bells for Arts Education action will be again initiated on Monday 24th of May. We ask you all to join, ring bells of sound other instruments as a sign of support for art education! 

Please send the short video recording of your action to so that we can compile a short video clip for the promotion of the action.

This year WAAE is focusing on Arts Education for Social Inclusion.

The 10th World Summit, with the focus on Assessment in Arts Education, under the title “Arts Impact 2021: Context Matters” will take place October 25-28, 2021 at the University of Florida, Reitz Union and Hotel, Gainesville, Florida, USA. For all questions and information please write to:

Details are on the IDEA Webpage and you can find more online information at:


Young IDEA Lab Webinar 2

We are young.

We have a lot of questions.

We are international & worldwide.

We are artists, educators & scientists.

We want to promote transcultural exchange.

We are students, young professionals & lecturers.

We want to create a worldwide Young IDEA network.

Theatre has gone online and international cooperation is easier than ever. Let's meet in this webinar to hear about and be inspired by theatre projects from around the world that happen despite the pandemic. Do you or your group want to participate in the next young IDEA project? Would you like to connect digitally with other theatre practitioners and create together? On the 15th of May we will announce "young IDEAs digital Lab 2 congress edition"! Be there!

Call for Proposals for 2021 IDEA Online World Festival

A group of people dancing Description automatically generated with low confidenceThe Co-directors of Projects and Concepts Tomas Leijen and Tom Willems are organising 36 hours non-stop Online World IDEA Festival ‘Together we go on’ on July 3rd and 4th 2021. The program will be as much inclusive as possible. The proposals could include a live stream of performance, conclusions from the Webinars ‘Where We Stand’, special interest group, lecture, IDEA Research, presentation of a current project, an interactive intervention, information about the World Congress in Iceland 2022, African Theatre Webinar series, and Young IDEA. 

All interested IDEA members are invited to send proposals before May 7th, 2021 on email:

Webinar on how to use Zoom for drama/theatre workshops

Graphical user interface, website Description automatically generatedThe world is changing and keeping up with this change is getting harder day by day. Drama, which has organic ties with adaptation by its nature, also has to keep up with this change. And technological breakthroughs are our biggest support to achieving this adaptation in harmony.

In this workshop, basic information will be shared about the fundamental features of the Zoom application, how it can be used in drama processes and how some web 2.0 tools can be included in drama workshops. In addition, it will be tried to experience the information presented simultaneously. During the study, we will play ice breaking games that can be used in zoom application, meet games which has developed for a specific goal and share suggestions that are believed to be beneficial to making a stage experience more aesthetic and real in role-playing processes.

All the components needed for this workshop are you, a computer with an internet connection included with the Zoom application and a cup of coffee or tea. Let's meet on the screen!

Workshop organized by Dr. ZEKI Ozen, Director of Research. 

Please check the IDEA Website and Facebook page for information about the date and time of the workshop!


Photo from the IDEA Europe meeting in Amsterdam 2018. The Coordination Committee of the regional network of IDEA, popularly known as Coco’s, have announced the date and the time of the next IDEA Europe meeting, that will hopefully happen live.

It will take place in Sandnes, Norway, from October 29th until October 31st, organized by Drama- og teaterpedagogeneand and Kristin Runde, IDEA GMC President and Coordination Committee member.

Photo from the IDEA Europe meeting in Amsterdam 2018.

IDEA Congress in Iceland 2022

Text Description automatically generatedThe preparation of IDEA Congress in Iceland is in good progress. The budget plan for the congress is being finalized during these weeks and the congress’s homepage will be ready in the spring or early summer. Following that the congress will be formally published to the members of IDEA and the public. Call for SIG groups has been published and choice of keynote speakers is well under way. Call for papers and workshops will follow. Registration for the congress will formally start at the beginning of the next year. Looking forward to seeing you in Iceland.

Information on IDEA’s website:


Ernesto Raez Mendiola

A group of people posing for a photo Description automatically generated with medium confidenceErnesto Ráez Mendiola, from Perú, passed away on Thursday, March 11th, 2021. 

Ernesto Ráez, was elected (with María Van Bakelen) to the very first board of the IDEA Executive Committee, 29 years ago. He served as an elected officer for his first term from 1992-1995 and for a second term until 1998. As part of the foundation process of IDEA since Porto in 1992, he then invited IDEA to Lima in 1993. He was Peru’s inspirational leader and master teacher of theatre, as an actor, director and philosopher. His written works and theatre research were published, and he constantly shared blogs, unlimited conference materials and theatre workshops.

Liliana Galvan, IDEA General Committee President in 2021, described Ernesto Ráez as “a great gardener and weaver in the field of drama and theatre education.“ Liliana further recognised her former great teacher and mentor when she wrote:

“You leave us walking the talk, doing and giving to us your voice till the last moment, and we will continue listening you. How much we are going to miss every time you stood up and raised your loud voice advocating for education, for the arts, for the theater that you loved so much. Thank you for being a father of art education in Peru. Thank you for starting me in this career from Ande Peru, from the Cultural Center Nosotros, for joining and being part of the foundation of IDEA movement. Thank you for being present every time we have called you, for turning on lights at every step, for being a teacher of the twenty-second century, for always being so young, for making the stones speak, for expanding the wealth of our country in different corners, for awakening beats, for demanding us to reflect and respond to calls to action, for discovering our voices, for valuing creative feats, for creating and joining movements, for fighting for life ... just to keep on delivering. You lived in multiverses, in that Corporal self, the Social self, the Cultural and Ecological self, the Historical self and the Cosmic self, you lived in MULTIUNIVERSES in your daily life, on diverse stages, in your imagination, in that invisible world that sometimes only you could see.

Looking back, I am so grateful to IDEA that we made for him a Tribute in 2019 during the General Council Meeting in Lima- Peru. To those IDEA members that were present and had the opportunity to meet him on those days and other friends I know that you will miss him.”

Vale, Ernesto Ráez Mendiola

For further information:

Contact: IDEA Administrator:

IDEA website

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