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IDEA is open to regional and international associations and to other institutes, bodies, networks, organisations and individuals working in drama/theatre and education. We represent drama/theatre and education in a world context;

We liaise with other national and international organisations working in all fields relevant to education, especially education through the arts;

Current News

IDEA collaborates with ABRA: Green Marabai is on the International Agenda

ABRA’s Rivers of Meeting, the eco-cultural and socio-educational project rooted in Cabelo Seco community, entered its tenth year in January. The aim, over two weeks of preliminary talks with potential partners in Germany, is to get 40,000 solar solidarity plaques donated by European eco-pedagogical networks throughout the world. IDEA will be supporting the project and has donated some funds to support.

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Publication: Planting trees of Drama with Global Vision in Local Knowledge

The investigation in this paper aims to shed light on the question of how and why Reminiscence Theatre can cross cultural and linguistic boundaries and communicate with people from different cultural horizons. It also aims to define and investigate the process and significance of Reminiscence Theatre's specific kind of cross-cultural communication.

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School festivals bring young voices together against discrimination

More than 1,000 primary and secondary students, including refugee children, in 46 schools around Greece will showcase their drama and arts skills in a series of festivals this month to mark International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

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The Overwhelmed Generation - Family Developments in the Globalization Age - Young IDEA

This is the title of an international students‘ meeting which will take place from 12 May to 26 May 2018 in Rostock, Germany. Theatre Teachers from 10 nations will meet in Rostock, Germany. The purpose is to discuss various methods of theatre work and to plan a component of the upcoming International Children and Parents Conference, (Togo 2019)

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