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Dear friend of IDEA Ernesto Ráez Mendiola, from Perú, passed away Thursday, March 11th 2021

IDEC IDEA member from Beijing, China, reports The Sixth IDEC International Drama Education Practice and Application Conference, including those from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Central Academy of Drama, Shanghai Theater Academy, Beijing Normal University, Renmin University, Capital Normal University and other colleges and universities academic researchers. 

Celebrating IDEA World celebration of Drama/Theatre and Education in 2021

The Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network (TENet-GR), as part of its three-day celebration of the World Day for Theatre/Drama and Education (27November), is inviting you to a virtual panel discussion, on drama and theatre in education in adverse times, on Sunday 29 November 2020 at 10.30-12.00 a.m. EET (Athens).

IDEA invites you to share your 2021 IDEA Day events. Send information to IDEA 

IDEA Administrator <>

Information ici

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WAAE Seminar October 26 about the impact of the arts and arts education 

Link to Archive of this seminar

Publishing opportunity for Journal of Drama Teaching

Dear colleagues from all around the world,

Hope this email finds you well and you managed to cope with the situation we are facing worldwidely. We still want to continue our research and academic activities so we kindly invite you to contribute to our call for international papers.
At the end of 2017, “I.L. Caragiale” National University of Theatre and Film published the first number of the international journal UNATC Journal of Drama Teaching, which you can find at the following link:

Last year we received approval for registering the journal in DOAJ, an international scientific database. We plan to publish the following issue at the end of the year, so the deadline for the article submission will be on 22th of November 2020. The articles will pass a peer-review process. 
Moreover, our invitation is open to all professionals, interested in publishing scientific articles in the field of teaching drama that you might know. So please feel free to spread the word.

You will find attached more details and requests regarding the paper submission. Please take into consideration all the requirements and note that the article must be written in English. The main journal’s sections are:

- Applied Theatre in Education;
- Applied Theatre for Social Inclusion;

- The Artist-Pedagogue’s Training;
- New Media and Education;
- Interview.
Please write to us if you have any further questions. Under these circumstances it is important to maintain a dialogue amongst our community and keep our spirits up. Thank you, stay safe and healthy!
Looking forward to your collaboration,

Andreea Jicman

Departament Pedagogie Teatrală

Drama Teaching Department 
+40 723 296 054

Save the Date



The Webinar has as its main goal to showcase different situations, case studies (including success and failure stories), tactics and strategies of organizations and groups dedicated to drama/theatre education.

Members of IDEA, and the organization itself, are working on its common political goal of drama/theatre education for all in schools and communities. 

We need to get inspired and learn how to activate and reactivate programs (in schools and on-line) and empower our community to address cultures of policies and politics, influencing the decision makers about the situation of drama/theatre in our countries.

November 28

WAAE will be hosting a Virtual Seminar about Arts Assessment on 26 October. 

Information on seminar:

For more information about the postponed summit, to be held in 2021, please visit this website.

Please check the time at your Region:

Germany 2:00 PM 

Athens* 3:00 PM
Auckland* 1:00 AM Next Day
Beijing 8:00 PM
Brisbane 10:00 PM
Calgary* 6:00 AM
Cape Town 2:00 PM
Chicago* 7:00 AM
Dubai 4:00 PM
Hong Kong 8:00 PM
Jakarta 7:00 PM
Karachi 5:00 PM
Kiev* 3:00 PM
Lagos 1:00 PM
London* 1:00 PM
Los Angeles* 5:00 AM
Manila 8:00 PM
Melbourne 10:00 PM 

The images contain different timezones

Young Voices in Theatre and Education- with a focus on the Young IDEA LAB I

Organised by: Young IDEA in collaboration with IDEA

The next international webinar from IDEA will take place online on the 11th of October on Zoom.
Theatre as well as theatre in education has been hit hard by the consequences of Covid19, but young theatre makers around the world have not been short of ideas to keep making art and are trying innovative things everyday. We decided to create a virtual space where young theatre makers and theatre educators present their work, discuss, share and get inspired from each other's ideas and work!
In this webinar young IDEA will present the young IDEA Lab I transcultural project with young creators and educators that took place in Togo just before the pandemic. After that young practitioners (until 35 years old) will share their experiments, current projects and traditions that might inspire you. Young people sharing projects, works, innovative ideas about making theatre and theatre in education in the times of social distancing! In the second half of the webinar the participants will have the opportunity to discuss and exchange opinions on: "How can we make theatre when we can not meet in a physical space?" in Zoom breakout rooms in English, French, Mandarin and Spanish!
To attend this free of charge webinar: go to and fill out the form!
You will receive a zoom link per email.

The images contain different timezones

Maria Nefeli Angeloglou


Tel. 015227370888

εμψυχώτρια / ηθοποιός

Invitation from ABRA

As ABRA's international liaison coordinator, I would like to invite you (and the members of your national and professional networks), to participate in our 2020 webinar-based Good Living Forum. 

It will offer English, French and Spanish almost simultaneous translation, and is focussed on the transformation of climate collapse through arts-based pedagogies into an opportunity for nurturing Good Living as an alternative, plurinational paradigm project.

Please ask those who are interested to get in touch with me. We are still experimenting in formats that allow us to create a participatory, intimate, creative and courageous methodology, and are interested in quality participation. So we will keep numbers to less than 60.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best


Dan Baron Cohen

whatsapp: 0055 91 98842 0521 

With sadness, IDEA notes the death of Mine Lark, Chair of National Drama (UK)

We are deeply sad to inform our IDEA members that Aine Lark, the Chair of National Drama, died in hospital on 27thSeptember 2020, after a short battle with cancer.  She died peacefully, surrounded by her family.  Aine was just 50 years old.  Anyone who met Aine is going to remember her lovely smile, her considerable energy and her unstinting commitment to Drama, Theatre and Education in its many forms.  Aine became Chair of National Drama in 2015, having been a long standing executive member of National Drama.  As ND Chair, she attended IDEA Europe meetings and contributed committedly to the Theatre and Young People Manifesto at the World Alliance for Arts Education conference in Frankfurt.  Aine was a secondary drama teacher, much loved and respected by her students and in recent years had started also teaching primary children at the boarding school where she worked.  She was a tireless campaigner and avid networker, leading National Drama into working with and helping, a diverse range of partners in the world of drama and theatre education.  Aine always rose cheerfully and enthusiastically, to any challenge.  Just weeks before she died, she was relentlessly organising many CPD events online for National Drama, as well as continuing to teach her own students.  She only stopped working for Drama, when her unexpected ill health forced her to.  Aine will be sadly missed by all who were fortunate enough to know her and work with her.  She died too young but has given so much to others that lives on.

Patrice Baldwin

SDEA Theatre Arts Conference 2021
22 to 30 May 2021

Dear Robin,

The SDEA Theatre Arts Conference will be back in 2021 and we are open we are now accepting proposals.

This edition will take place online, so wherever you are, we invite you to submit an application and join us!

Challenge your ideas of inclusivity, community, and creativity at the SDEA Theatre Arts Conference 2021 as we question: How have our notions of ‘theatre’ been disrupted within people and places, allowing for new ways of living and working? What can we do to ensure better access and representation in our practices? How do we expand our capacity for discovery and reinvention?

What we're looking for

This 5th iteration of the SDEA Theatre Arts Conference invites attendees to explore working with the unfamiliar, the challenging, the new, and the alternative, within Singapore, Asia, and the world.

The conference will feature a range of research papers and presentations as well as interactive, experiential and practical workshops on applied drama and theatre practices within the communityeducationhealth, and performancesectors. We invite explorations and responses to the 2021 theme, Creative Disruption: Exploring New Ground, addressing but not limited to:

  • Artistry in process-driven work
  • Disability representation in the arts and creating performance using the Aesthetics of Access
  • Creating work in spaces and places of tension
  • Reimagining creative pedagogies in education
  • Inclusion in creative practice within and beyond the classroom
  • Applied arts and physical and/or mental health
  • Unconventional interventions in conventional spaces
  • Artist-led responses and strategies to creating work from disruption

Change of Format of Theatre Arts Conference 2021   

In light of disruptions caused by COVID-19, The SDEA Theatre Arts Conference 2021 has been adapted to an online digital format, and will take place between Saturday 22 May 2021 and Sunday 30 May 2021.

Despite the easing of circuit breaker measures in the host country of Singapore, the impact of COVID-19 has far reaching consequences, and much uncertainty remains on a global level. We have therefore taken the step to move the conference online, to make it accessible to those who would not have been able to make it to Singapore due to scheduling conflicts or travel restrictions.  

We welcome the challenge of organising the conference in this format, and we are looking forward to receiving your exciting presentations addressing the theme: Creative Disruption - Exploring New Ground.

To apply

SDEA Theatre Arts Conference is currently accepting proposal applications.

  1. Download the Proposal Submission Form here
  2. Email a completed form to by Sunday, 4 October 2020, 11.59pm (SGT)
  3. SDEA will get in touch with you regarding your application.
Know someone who would like to submit a proposal? Feel free to forward this email and tell them about us!

For further enquiries, please reach out to

IDEA Europe regional network - annual meeting online!

The Coordination Committee of IDEA Europe have now the following plan (below) for our meeting in October, which will be online. You are welcome to send proposals into this draft agenda.  In good time before meeting you will get technical info how the meeting will happen.

Image: IDEA EU meeting in Frankfurt November 1 2019.

Friday 23 October

15 – 18   (3.00 PM - 6.00 PM)
1)  1-minute-presentation of person/member/Main news
2)  Presentations of ideas/plans/concepts for European funded international projects and looking for partners to talk with in the second meeting
3)  How can we promote drama/theatre as a school subject on a european level?
     Short report about the studies (Katerina, Betty).
4)  Impact of Seoul Agenda and Frankfurt declaration in our countries. Political cooperation with ISME and InSEA-members in different european countries (plans, existing activities, needs). News from EAAE.
5)  Information about IDEA-GCM and requests for discussion in IEM beforehand.
6)  Planning the second meeting: Topics, small work groups.

Saturday, 24 October 
14 -17  (2.00 PM - 5.00 PM)
1)  Small work groups:
     - A. Theatre education online / ideas, experiences, concepts, exchange, platforms.......
     - B. Group(s) planning common EU-projects
     - C. Collecting ideas/requests for an "IE-action-list"
     - D. Other groups?
2)  Short reports from the groups, motions etc.
3)  IEM contribution to Young IDEA (Aine)
4)  Our European view on IDEA-GCM-topics, elections, more regional structures in IDEA, etc..
5)  Cocos for 2021
6)  New action-list

 Looking beyond the Flood

Big Drama and Theatre Education Debate: Getting our act togetherJuly 15 2020 

Robin Pascoe,  President IDEA International Drama/Theatre and Education Association, Honorary Fellow, Murdoch University.

The Drama and Theatre Education Alliance represents a network of leading association to: 

  • Create a stronger, coherent and connected lobbying voice for drama and theatre;
  • Present collective responses to government policies;
  • Share information and knowledge concerning developments in individual associations, in order to be better informed;
  • Agree and implement strategies that will raise the profile of learning through drama and theatre in schools and theatres.

This group include: Action for Children’s Arts, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, London Drama, London Theatre Consortium, National Drama, NST (Nuffield Southampton Theatres), SCUDD (The Standing Conference of University Drama Departments), Theatre Education Forum, Theatre Workout; and are supported by others

in 2019, IDEA Vice President, Sonya Baehr gave the keynote speech at the “Kids Drama” Symposium in Chengdu, China. 

Read More

Call for Expressions of Interest for IDEA 2020, July 5 - 9, 
Beijing Congress:

Please download the document below to access forms to submit expressions of interest: paper or workshop proposals. Thank you!

A collection of resources for teachers who may be teaching in a time of Coronavirus COVID-19

Schools may be closed. Teacher education and professional learning opportunities maybe moved on-line. Circumstances may be out of our collective immediate control. But the work of teaching and learning does not cease. Our need to adapt and improvise is one of our strengths as drama educators. 

Sometimes we just need to know where to start. 

I have been collecting some links and pointers to share that journey.

You will find it here

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Dear IDEA friends and family, 

I wanted to share the very sad news that our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Robert Colby from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts in the US passed away yesterday after a year's long battle with pancreatic cancer. 
If you had the pleasure of knowing Robert, you'd know that he was a consummate theatre educator, a kind and gentle soul, a caring teacher, a dedicated mentor, and thoughtful scholar, and brilliant practitioner. Last year, the American Alliance of Theatre and Education (AATE) honored Bob with the Campton Bell Lifetime Achievement Award and Emerson College Created a new award in his honor. In the Spring on 2020, Emerson named their Kindness award after Bob - a testament to his kindness, dedication, and impact on his and our community. 
Please take a moment to think about Bob today. He was a huge influence in my career and practice and I am a better teacher, theatre maker and person because I got to know and work with  Bob. I will miss him deeply and will be ever grateful for his influence on my life.

Peter Duffy

Professor Bob Colby teaches his graduate Drama as Education class in 2017

WAAE News Update April 2021

More information about WAAE on the IDEA web page and the WAAE home page 

In 2020 WAAE entered a collaborative partnership with Creative Generation. 


WAAE World Alliance for Arts Education Update for IDEA

April 2021

International Arts Education Week 2021

Mark Your Calendar for May 25-26, 2021

Building on previous International Arts Education Week programs, WAAE is focusing 2021 on 

Arts Education for Social Inclusion

More information will be posted for IDEA and can be found at

Next WAAE Summit

The WAAE Summit planned for October 2020 was (of course) postponed because of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic. 

It has been re-scheduled for 2021 (tentatively). The focus is on Assessment in Arts  Education.

Arts Impact 2021: Context Matters

10th World Summit

*NEW DATES* October 25-28, 2021

University of Florida, Reitz Union and Hotel, Gainesville, Florida, USA

New Submission deadline: Coming Soon!

The Submission Portal will open again soon

Questions: Email to 

Sanja Krsmanović Tasić 

President of IDEA joins the executive Forum of WAAE

Now that Sanja has taken on the role of IDEAPresident she is a member of the Executive Forum of WAAE. Robin will complete his term as a member of this Forum in May 2021. 

The Chair of the Forum is shared by the four members of WAAE on a rotating basis. Robin as been chair since 2019.

The IDEA Newsletter Spring/Autumn 2021 has been published and sent to members and friends via email.

You can see the email on this page

You can download a PDF of the newsletter here.

Chers toutes et tous,

En adhérant à l'ANRAT, vous exprimez votre soutien à nos actions et missions. Adhérer c'est aussi le moyen de participer à la vie associative, dont l'un des moments importants est l'assemblée générale. Elle est en effet l'occasion de faire le bilan de l'année précédente et de vous présenter les perspectives pour l'année en cours. 

Cette année, l'assemblée générale de l'ANRAT se tiendra à distance via l'application Zoom le samedi 24 avril 2021 de 14h30 à 16h30. 

Vous trouverez ici le bulletin d'adhésion à remplir et à renvoyer par mail et  le RIB de l'ANRAT pour un règlement par virement.
Si vous souhaitez participer à l'assemblée générale et aux votes qui auront lieu à cette occasion, merci de revenir vers nous par mail, nous restons à votre disposition pour tout renseignement.
Si comme nous vous êtes convaincus que le développement des liens entre théâtre et éducation est plus que jamais nécessaire, n'hésitez plus à nous rejoindre.

Le conseil d'administration et l’équipe permanente de l'ANRAT

Pour en savoir plus

ANRAT c/0 F93 - 70 rue Douy Delcupe 93100 Montreuil


Dear all,

By joining ANRAT, you express your support for our actions and missions. Joining is also the means of participating in community life, one of the important moments of which is the general assembly. It is indeed an opportunity to take stock of the previous year and present you the outlook for the current year. This year, the ANRAT general assembly will be held remotely via the Zoom application on Saturday April 24, 2021 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Here you will find the membership form to fill out and send back by email and there the ANRAT bank details for payment by transfer. If you wish to participate in the general assembly and in the votes which will take place on this occasion, thank you for coming back to us by email, we remain at your disposal for any information. If, like us, you are convinced that the development of links between theater and education is more necessary than ever, do not hesitate to join us. ANRAT's board of directors and permanent team


  • 25 Apr 2020 5:08 PM | Robin Pascoe

    Received from Nikos Govas, Greece


    Please forward to anyone interested  / Παρακαλούμε προωθείστε σε όποιον μπορεί να ενδιαφέρεται [παρακάτω κείμενο στα ελληνικά]

    «Education & Theatre Journal” –  Call for 2020 update

     Dear colleagues and friends,

    The Editor and the Editorial Committee of the “Education & Theatre” Journal would like to address the following briefing note, regarding the extension of the deadline and an update on the instructions of the submission of articles for the forthcoming 21st issue (year 2020).

     As our community remains committed to the Journal’s goals and thematic fields, in times when theatre, education and mostly the relationship between theatre and education are put into test, we hope that the next 'education & theatre' issue will capture the dynamics of the transition from the pre-epidemic “normality” to the post-epidemic “indeterminate” future

     For this reason, would like to invite articles which:

    a) are based on ideas, research, applications and facts that were developed before the epidemicin other words, contributions like those that have already been submitted for peer reviewing as usual up to now; but we also encourage articles that solely or in combination:

    b)  are based on ideas, applications and facts that are developed as we speak, under the pressure of the social dynamics imposed by the measures of personal confinement and digital mediation of communication;

    c) support approaches of a after epidemic future.

    Extension of deadline:

    We’d therefore like to inform you that the deadline for the articles’ submission is extended until 30 June 2020

    Authors should also bear in mind that the issue will be published in November 2020.

     “Education & Theatre” is a peer-reviewed journal for the promotion of research on and practice of drama/theatre and other performing arts in formal and non-formal education and issue 21 is to be published in both English and in Greek by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr). Guidelines for contributors: “How to submit an Article”

    Greetings from Athens Greece

    nikos  govas

    Editor Education & Theatre Journal


    Περιοδικό «Εκπαίδευση & Θέατρο» - νεώτερα για το τεύχος του 2020

     Αγαπητοί και αγαπητές συνάδελφοι και φίλοι/ες,

    Ο υπεύθυνος της έκδοσης και τα μέλη της συντακτικής επιτροπής του περιοδικού «Εκπαίδευση και Θέατρο» σας απευθύνουν το ακόλουθο σύντομο ενημερωτικό σημείωμα, το οποίο αφορά την επικαιροποίηση των οδηγιών για την υποβολή εργασιών του τεύχους 21 του περιοδικού (έτος έκδοσης 2020),καθώς και την παράταση της προθεσμίας υποβολής άρθρων:  

     Παραμένοντας σταθεροί στους στόχους και τα θεματικά πεδία που το περιοδικό προωθεί, σε μια χρονική περίοδο όπου οι ανατροπές κοινωνικών και πολιτικών αυτονόητων βάζουν σε δοκιμασία την τέχνη του θεάτρου, την εκπαίδευση και κατά μείζονα λόγω τη σχέση του θεάτρου με την εκπαίδευση, φιλοδοξούμε το 21ο τεύχος του περιοδικού να αποτυπώσει, κατά το δυνατόν, τη δυναμική της μετάβασης από την προ της επιδημίας «κανονικότητα» προς το μετά την επιδημία «αδιευκρίνιστο» μέλλον. 

     Για τον σκοπό αυτό θα θέλαμε να φιλοξενήσουμε κείμενα που οι συγγραφείς τους:

    α. έχουν στηρίξει πάνω σε ιδέες, εφαρμογές και δεδομένα που εξελίχθηκαν πριν την επιδημία. Κείμενα, δηλαδή, όπως αυτά που υποβάλλονται ως συνήθως προς κρίση ή η συγγραφή τους έχει ήδη ξεκινήσει,

    ταυτόχρονα ενθαρρύνουμε άρθρα που αποκλειστικά ή συνδυαστικά

    β. αναπτύχθηκαν με βάση ιδέες, εφαρμογές και δεδομένα που εξελίσσονται τώρα, κάτω από την πίεση της κοινωνικής δυναμικής που επιβάλλουν τα μέτρα προσωπικού εγκλεισμού και ψηφιακής επικοινωνιακής διαμεσολάβησης,

    γ. θα στηρίξουν προσεγγίσεις ενός μετά την επιδημία, μέλλοντος.

     Παράταση προθεσμίας υποβολής άρθρων

    Για την επιτυχία αυτού του εγχειρήματος θα θέλαμε να σας ενημερώσουμε ότι η προθεσμία υποβολής κειμένων παρατείνεται μέχρι τις 30 Ιουνίου 2020 και οι συγγραφείς καλό θα ήταν να λάβουν υπόψη τους ότι το τεύχος θα εκδοθεί τον Νοέμβριο του 2020.

     Το Περιοδικό Εκπαίδευση & Θέατρο είναι επιστημονική έκδοση για την προώθηση του θεάτρου, του εκπαιδευτικού δράματος, του θεατρικού παιχνιδιού και των άλλων παραστατικών τεχνών στην εκπαίδευση και το επόμενο τεύχος του θα εκδοθεί στα αγγλικά και ελληνικά από το Πανελλήνιο Δίκτυο για το Θέατρο στην Εκπαίδευση.  Όλα τα άρθρα κρίνονται (ανώνυμα) από διεθνή επιστημονική επιτροπή και ειδικούς επιστημονικούς συνεργάτες. 

    Όροι υποβολής άρθρων


    νικος γκοβας

    Υπεύθυνος Έκδοσης «Περιοδικό Εκπαίδευση & Θέατρο» 


  • 6 Feb 2020 11:20 AM | Robin Pascoe

  • 6 Feb 2020 11:15 AM | Robin Pascoe

    Call for Expressions of Interest for IDEA 2020, July 5 - 9, 
    Beijing Congress:

    Please download the document below to access forms to submit expressions of interest: paper or workshop proposals. Thank you!

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